Unseen Existence

“Environs can explain much. You can feel the existence without presence. & sometimes absence is required to feel this presence more intensely. I started believing these things while I captured few moments of nonexistence. Yet these moments profound very much in exist of living being. I have taken these moments from various part of my world, however they are all alike. These are like footprints of a missing thing; you can assume the missing focus through edges. Welcome you in the puzzle. Fill in the gaps by your thought” – Gmb Akash

In the middle of the field, crops are baking by sun. These harvested crops are waiting to be carried to home. The field is reflecting efforts of an unknown farmer. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Rofiq ( 28 ) is a daily labor in his dream city ‘Dhaka’, Dreams pushed him here & reality left his identity far in a village, where his wife, children Shohel and Shaila & their parrot counting days & nights for him. In every six months reality let him go to where he left his heart. In Dhaka city, wall of a room of a slum is whispering his silent pains. In the walls he draws his feelings with the scratch of reality. He, his wife, their children & the parrot a family, all accommodated in the brick of lonely wall. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Bended trees remain to tell the tale of a nightmare of Cyclone. Aila hit the top of these trees & gave the mark of an unseen ferocity. The silence of the place is claimed by broken trees, miles after miles.  © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Circus gradually loses its heritage for convergent entertainments. Still empty chairs of Circus are hoping to accommodate the vast missing audiences. Thus these refers the lost crowd & as well state for the hope of gaining back. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

In every week slum dweller waits eagerly to take the taste of chicken. Fortune gives them the chance. In Rayerbazar- shop keepers sold chickens to restaurants & they left the head of those chickens for those waited people. Slum dwellers buy those chicken head once in a week. Fortune gives them a chance to take the taste of chicken by having these chicken head. Dhaka. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

In the bank, the boat is waiting to sail. A family of eight members is dependent on this boat. The boat is stand for the arrival of the fisherman. A family exist behind this single boat. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

This cassette player is a very dear thing for its slum dwellers. They have no space for placing this. So they hang from the top to manage space. Behind this cassette player, hundreds of slum dwellers entertainment awaits. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

An old car standing at door step of its owner.  Manila, Philippines © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Under the severe water crisis, inhabitants of shatkhira stand are line at mid night. Their water pots represent their standing in the queue. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Cyclone Aila ruined the house & the lives of inhabitants just before three days. People of this house have to leave their home. Aila force them to live on embankment. They family still tried to dry their children books on the roof of the house. After the devastating calamity they could not totally leave the hope to live in their house. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

Day laborers of Philippine are drying their cloths outside their living place. © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

This is the living space of a rickshaw puller’s family. They bought the old TV from a second hand shop. At evening along neighbors, they happily straggled with the old TV to watch.   © GMB Akash / www.gmb-akash.com

“Life – a one way journey….We should not regret any moment which make us smile…We should make our self happy with all little pleasure of our life ….even if we have everything, we haven’t had tomorrow…Lets fill our all gaps by our presence of love, appreciations & thoughtfulness. We may leave forever, & then our environs might tell our tale ceaselessly. Let the light lit our absence.” – Gmb Akash

Author: GMB Akash

"I see the beauty of people and the human soul in the pictures I take. And though the circumstances of some of the people I portray may be grim, back-breaking, depraved, the people themselves are always remarkable characters and souls" For me Photography is my language, to access, to communicate, to identify and mostly to make it hear. Through photography I only jot down my heart’s language. The best part about being a photographer is that I’m able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless and to bring their identities to the forefront which gives meaning and purpose to my own life.

26 thoughts on “Unseen Existence”

  1. I love love love….life a one way journey…even if we have eveything, we haven’t had tomorrow…I love this. Thank you for posting.


  2. you are really genious one in asia,I salute you brother.I need your help as this year i am on participation of the oslo university course.I need to share something if you have time as few minutes.

    i wish,your crown of fame would not be lost forever rather would be icon of the world.


  3. How profound… you are a talent, and your mind a gift.

    Love the photographs, meaning and message. You teach true a appreciation for life, and living.

    You show us there is movement in a still, and a sound in silence.

    “Even if you have everything … You have not had tommorrow”. We are so tied to things… yet … they mean little… and can be gone tommorrow. Is this the shadow of ourselves that we wish to cast when we are departed.

    What have we left on our paths that will tell our tale … It is my goal not to leave empty potential, or harm.

    The chairs in circus photo are fabulous. It is ok if I use photo to create a painting.


    1. Your words are gift for me. Thanks for reading my blog. Its a way of knowing how people response to my works. & I am fortunate that friends like you & others are appreciating more everyday. Remain blessed.


    1. Dear Munchow, Thanks a lot for your consideration. Its always a pleasure to get the attention through works.
      I enjoy readying your blog as well. Much appreciated the way you think. Cheers.


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