Love for Sofur Uddin Chacha.

Dear friends,

You may all remember Sofur Uddin Chacha and Mamtaz Khala, a blessed couple.

Uncle Sofur Uddin, who may not be able to build the Taj Mahal for Mumtaz’s aunt, but at the end of the day, hopes to earn 300 taka per day to buy nuts and Jilabies for his loving wife. A love story that touched all your hearts. A love story that shows wealth and abundance cannot always buy happiness…

The day I heard his story from his mouth, I made up my mind to do something for him.

By the grace of God, after arranging some money I met Uncle Sofur Uddin again to fulfill his wishes, and asked him what he can do to earn 300 taka per day in order to live a prosperous life with his wife. He told me he wishes to get a cow and a calf as he has an abandoned room where he is able to raise them and he could sell the milk in the local market and earn 300 taka per day.

With Uncle Sofur Uddin I went to the local Cow market and he bought a cow and a calf of his choice for himself. I can’t explain to you how his eyes were frequently getting wet in happiness until we brought the cow home!! On the way home, my uncle kept saying ‘your aunt will be very happy seeing this cow and her calf!’ And yes, he was right. She was very happy that she started crying, holding me in her arms!

These joys, these experiences, such warmth of love helps me to continue my work everyday…

The Cow gives 4 liters of milk a day and by selling that milk he can earn about 300 taka per day. Keeping some milk for them, he can earn almost taka 9000 per month. Alhamdulillah, now with this money they can live a prosperous life as they wished for. In total it cost almost 1000 USD.

Thank you so much everyone for showing love and support for Sofur Uddin uncle and Mamtaz aunt. Please keep them in your prayers. Our little effort can change so many lives!!

My friends, your positive support, pure love, and strong faith in me, help me to move forward every single day. Know that, nothing would have been so easy without you all. My journey could never have gone so far without you. I am so grateful!

Please keep me in your prayers so that I may continue my mission to change the lives of helpless people in their need.

Sending my Love and prayers for everyone…

Love and Light

GMB Akash

Photojournalist and Profile Photographer at Panos Pictures, London

Founder of GMB Akash Institute of Photography, Dhaka



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Author: GMB Akash

"I see the beauty of people and the human soul in the pictures I take. And though the circumstances of some of the people I portray may be grim, back-breaking, depraved, the people themselves are always remarkable characters and souls" For me Photography is my language, to access, to communicate, to identify and mostly to make it hear. Through photography I only jot down my heart’s language. The best part about being a photographer is that I’m able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless and to bring their identities to the forefront which gives meaning and purpose to my own life.

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