’20 new toilet this month for 20 families’

’20 new toilet this month for 20 families’

It is easy to take a restroom or toilet for granted. But everyone is not fortunate enough to build one. The best thing about a toilet is that it helps people have dignity, better health, safety and so much more.

Dear friends, By the grace of God, this month we have already built 20 new toilets for 20 families.

I am building Restroom/Toilets’ for the old unfortunate elderly couples, fathers and widowed mothers (with young daughters) and disabled people, the old couples who are neglected by their children and who do not have the ability to make one for themselves and because of this basic need they are suffering in various ways.

“A old mother, Khadija Khatun, (70) said, Unfortunately, I do not have my own toilet, I have to use my neighbor’s toilet. Every day, I have to endure various insults just to use the toilet. It’s a difficult situation for me, but I have no choice.

If I were to go outside in the field, it would be even more challenging for me to stay clean. This makes it difficult for me to fulfill my daily prayers.”

“After getting the new toilet, now I can stay clean and can fulfill my daily prayer.”

To give them a dignified and healthy life, I have started building washrooms/toilets for such helpless families and from now on, I will continue to build hygienic toilets in different remote villages for unprivileged people who are in need, every month.

I feel truly blessed to have you all by my side. May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Love and Light

_GMB Akash

Author: GMB Akash

"I see the beauty of people and the human soul in the pictures I take. And though the circumstances of some of the people I portray may be grim, back-breaking, depraved, the people themselves are always remarkable characters and souls" For me Photography is my language, to access, to communicate, to identify and mostly to make it hear. Through photography I only jot down my heart’s language. The best part about being a photographer is that I’m able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless and to bring their identities to the forefront which gives meaning and purpose to my own life.

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