Rakher Upobash Festival.

During Kartik, “the holiest month” beginning every year with new moon in November, thousands of Hindu devotees celebrates the feast of “Rakher Upobash”.The followers of “Loknath” who is said to embody love in the Hindu tradition, light small lamps and special incense asking for the betterment of their loved ones’ health.They also fast in the name of “Rakh” hence the name “Rakher Upobash”. Also known as “Kartik bhroto”, it is held on every Saturday and Tuesday of those 15 daysFasting and praying to the gods, sitting before the Shri Shri Loknath Brahammachari Ashram, among the Swami Bhag temple near Dhaka.Bangladesh.

Rakher upobash is a beautiful and deeply spiritual tradition observed by the people of Bangladesh. The atmosphere during Rakher Upobash is enchanting, with devotees singing devotional songs, lighting earthen lamps, and performing various rituals to appease the deity. It is a time for self-reflection, spiritual awakening, and spreading love and compassion among fellow human beings. This tradition not only represents the rich cultural heritage of Bangladesh but also brings people of different faiths and backgrounds together, reinforcing the message of unity and peace. Rakher Upobash is truly a unique and beautiful festival that embodies the true essence of Bangladesh’s cultural identity.

The festival holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Bangladesh. It is a time when they come together to celebrate their faith and culture, and to seek blessings for themselves and their loved ones. The fast is observed from sunrise to sunset, and during this time, devotees abstain from food and water. It is a test of their faith and endurance, and a way to purify their minds and bodies.

Rakher Upobash is a festival that represents the essence of the Hindu faith and culture in Bangladesh. It is a time when people come together to seek blessings and offer gratitude, and to celebrate their faith and traditions. As a photographer, I am honored to be able to capture the beauty and richness of this festival and to share it with the world. Through my photographs, I hope to bring to light the beauty and richness of the Hindu culture in Bangladesh, and to inspire people to appreciate and respect the diversity of our world.

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